metal results

What an imaginative batch for the first week!  Entries covered metal’s essence, its sound, its future, its demise, and its roles as symbol, habitat, pollutant, and body invader.  In order of appearance:

And now the winner, from our teacher friend …

I have had a few days when I have wished that I was covered with metal.  So for the timing that just happened to mesh with this judge’s needs, and for all those who have ever felt they needed such armor, I choose John Dutterer’s Metal: A Cyborg Ballad as this word prompt’s winner. 

Congratulations, John!  You get to pick next week’s word prompt, which will be posted as soon as you send it in.  You also get to select a winner among next week’s entries.

Thank you to each and every one of you for contributing from the richness of your thoughts and language.  The comments for metal are still open if you’d like to provide feedback on others’ entries.

Above all, please consider writing another  200 for the next prompt.  Writing is its own reward!


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