swell results

Another fantastic set for our second week!  In addition to some peachy-keen swells, we saw a slew of other sorts of swelling: sickly/injurious, pregnant, dysfunctional, tidal, promising, and hyper-reproductive.  In order of appearance:

Swell by hannahreadfilms
Gosh, that was swell by Blue
Once swollen, few things actually render goodness by hmr
Trevor Swells by Michael W. Hobson
The morning air has a chill by Sarah B.
i want to walk out by Elise Gibson
purple tipped barb by hillofbeans
Two Hundred Years of Duggar Math by Dr. S Love

And now, from John Dutterer …

This week’s winner is hmr’s Once swollen, few things actually render goodness, whose piece delves deeply into the concept of “swollen.” I appreciate the philosophical approach she took, and the last paragraph provides an uplifting twist.

Congratulations, hmr!  You get to pick next week’s word prompt.  You also get to select a winner among next week’s entries.

Thank you to everyone who shared their inspiration!  The comments for swell entries are still open if you’d like to provide feedback on the entries.  Please consider writing another 200 for the next prompt, and invite a friend to join in the fun!


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