shallow results

Nine shallow entries for the third week!  Writers treated us to philosophical depths and heart-numbing distractions, a stony beach, a dirty pool, poor health, poor choices, a poor friendship, a romantic starting point, and a point of isolation/discovery.  In order of appearance:

Shallow, being the depth at which nothing particularly reaches any depth by Pooka
It was there within by Gwenette Writer
Shallow by pmayhew
In Praise of Shallowness by Michael W. Hobson
Children splash their toes – and chins – by learningtowardheaven
Beyond the twisted paths, so narrow by Tiwary Saumik
Nonstarter by John Dutterer
Shallow Kills by RubeRad
Shallow by Sing & Bake

And now, from hmr …

Surfacing from the all-but-shallow pool of writing as this week’s victor is Pooka’s Shallow, being the depth at which nothing particularly reaches any depth.  In its contemplative and somewhat lofty deconstruction of “shallow,” the piece carefully uncovers a truth in language – that it is ever sliding.  Well done, all.  I had a blast reading all of your writings and agonizing over which one should “win.”

Congratulations, Pooka!  You get to pick this week’s word prompt (please post as a comment below).  You also get to select a winner among this week’s entries.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your shallow thoughts!  If you haven’t won yet, please don’t give up – we’re absolutely delighting in your originality.  It’s the gaggle of unique voices that makes a writing forum like this one come alive.  So please consider writing another 200 this week, and don’t forget to invite others!  Also, the comments for shallow entries are still open if you’d like to offer feedback.


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