feverish results

Five feverish entries competed this week.  In order of appearance:

Pennant Feverish, Perhaps by John Dutterer
Feverish beavers swirling around and around by Sam W.D.
Car, baby, highway by Amy W.
Feverish by Ninjasushirat
About a week after the birth of our first by Ruberad

And now, from Pooka …

Amy W.’s Car, baby, highway is this week’s winner with a frantic thread of chaotic dodges and spins that almost stammer feverish on every line. That was a good one for sure!  (Pooka remarked on each entry here.)

Congratulations, Amy W!  You get to pick this week’s word prompt (please post as a comment below).  You also get to select a winner among this week’s entries.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your shallow thoughts!  Please consider writing another 200 this week, and don’t forget to invite others.  Also, the comments for feverish entries are still open if you’d like to offer feedback.


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