gray results

Five  entries for gray, in order of appearance:

I want to forget a photo by Joe Shlabotnik
Would someone mind writing about waking up one morning by Willow
A Southern Melodrama: the Director’s Cut by John Dutterer
Wrung of every last drop by Peregrine
Grey is the Color of Between by RubeRad

And now, from Amy W …

Winner is: RubeRad’s Grey is the Color of Between.

RubeRad couldn’t let that pass without nodding at another entry:

I demand a recount!  I’m pretty sure Joe Shlabotnik’s I want to forget a photo should have won. It was so haunting, I didn’t even want to submit anything …

Thank you, RubeRad – we’ve pinned a second-place ribbon on Joe Shlabotnik’s entry.  Congratulations to both writers!  RubeRad, you get to pick this week’s word prompt and select a winner among this week’s entries.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your gray thoughts.  Please consider writing another 200 this week, and don’t forget to invite others!  Also, the comments for gray entries are still open if you’d like to offer feedback.


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