green results

Hello, 200Writers,

I have heard from Mr. Write200, he is alive and well, on a family road trip, and without the internet access he expected. Meanwhile, I have been deputized to keep the ball rolling, so here goes:

Last time, we had three green entries. Here’s the call from judge John Dutterer,

I enjoyed the vivid imagery of Elihu’s “The First Month” and RubeRad’s spot-on reminiscences of San Diego, a place I love very much. The winner, however, is Pooka. His piece emanates the most “green” for me. Go on, Pooka, pick a word!

Congrats Pooka, another repeat winner!

The word prompt Pooka picked is vital. I will create a new post and copy one existing entry over forthwith, and Pooka can judge a winner, and next week’s word-chooser, Sunday evening, Aug 4.

Please consider writing another 200 this week, and don’t forget to invite others!


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