fire results

Two entries for fire, in order of appearance:

Summary by Elihu Zee
Salvation Has Come by Pooka

And now, from previous winner RubeRad …

Two entries this week, very different (but both involving the rising sun, and also fire)! Pooka has crafted a poem about Salvation with some fantastic imagery. I love the idea of an immediate sunrise: “No twilight ‘ere the morn / has beset us in riddles and fear”.

But the winner I choose is Elihu Zee. He captured my heart with the clever technique of suffusing his piece about an execution by firing squad with essence of ‘fire’, and nodding to The Rules by including the word as a throwaway, a feint to distract the eye while the real magic happens elsewhere.

Good job both of you. Mr. Elihu Zee, I look forward to your word of the week!

Congratulations, Elihu Zee!

And now, a time to reflect.  Our participants are strong in spirit but few in number.  Is it time to close up shop?  Suspend until next summer?  Shift to a once-a-month format?  Please chime in using the comments below.


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