The Rules

How much can you say in 200 words?  Surprise yourself!

  1. Write 200 words (tops) of fiction/essay/poetry, inspired by the word prompt.  You must include the word prompt itself, or at least a recognizable form of the word.
  2. You have 1 week to post your entry as a reply to the word prompt post.  Multiple entries from the same writer are welcome.  Original works only!
  3. Please keep it classy (PG-13) – nothing gratuitous.
  4. The person who contributed the word prompt will select 1 winning entry.  The winner contributes the next week’s word prompt and selects the next winner!

Writers retain full copyright over their work, of course.  If you like, use a screen name to keep your entries anonymous.

If you would like to revise your entry, simply re-post your entire entry with the revisions made, and the Write200 admin will remove your original draft.

This website was inspired by an ongoing 200-word informal writing exercise/competition that used to be held in the forums at


6 thoughts on “The Rules

    1. Welcome! Click the Leave a Comment link at the bottom of the word prompt post. You’ll see a box near the bottom of the screen that says Post a 200-Word Entry, or Leave a Comment. Name/email/website are not necessary.

      Looking forward to reading your work!

  1. Is “fever” a recognizable form of “feverish”?

    Rule #1 necessitates the word prompt itself, or at least a recognizable form of the word. So fever counts for feverish – it’s the stem. Although more of a stretch, febrile would count as well, since it’s derived from the same Latin root febris and is, for all intents and purposes, identical in meaning.

    The word fervor would not count. It shares nothing in common with feverish apart from a similarity in meaning and sound.

    Please know that Write200 does not seek to disqualify entries. The judge of the week simply selects a winning entry based on the word prompt and rules.

  2. Mr. Write200, I think it would be helpful if you could lay down a specific time Eastern or Pacific to be the deadline each Sunday “evening”. I found myself feverishly typing away Sunday afternoon, wondering if it was evening enough on the east coast that I might get cut off.

    A great suggestion. Write200 writers & readers come around the globe – Saudi Arabia, India, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, Japan, Finland, Romania. This would seemingly call for an entry deadline pinned to a specific timezone (GMT?).

    However, the natural deadline is whenever that week’s judge happens to sit down to read that week’s entries. This should occur “Sunday evening” wherever that judge happens to be. Because the judging baton is passed from one random internet person to another, and because each person has their own Sunday routines and commitments – and because this is art, not science – we prefer to keep the deadline fluid. Write early, and submit when you can!

    There’s no harm in submitting to a word prompt that’s already had a winner selected. Feel free to submit additional entries for metal, or swell, or shallow, or any of the earlier weeks. Every prompt still has the power to inspire, and you never know who may scroll through and read.

  3. Hey Mr Write200, I just started following your blog, and was getting geared up to do some challenges, when you disappeared! What happened? Can we expect a return at some point in the future?

    PS, it goes without saying, I do hope you’re well, and not suffering anything that may have caused you to give up your blog.

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