gossamer results

Four  entries for gossamer, in order of appearance:

This tingling at the tips of my fingers by Pooka
Containment by John Dutterer
Unclean by yesleklb
The metal bands chimed by Joe Cool

And now, from RubeRad …

My favorite was The metal bands chimed from Joe Cool, who found a gossamer moment in what might otherwise be seen as a clinicial, scientific exercise of tagging and releasing. I especially enjoyed the image of the bird escaping from a hard nylon mesh to a softer, gossamer net of caring hands — certainly better than escaping from the frying pan to the fire, which is what you’ve done, Joe Cool, as you now have to give us a word for next week, and judge what we come up with!

(RubeRad remarked on each entry here.)

Congratulations, Joe Cool!  You get to pick this week’s word prompt (please post as a comment below).  You also get to select a winner among this week’s entries.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your gossamer thoughts.  Please consider writing another 200 this week, and don’t forget to invite others!  Also, the comments for gossamer entries are still open if you’d like to offer feedback.


One thought on “gossamer results

  1. I pick the word “shell” because it is such a versatile word. I think this word has a lot of potential. Feel free to use any variations of this word: shelling, shells, shelled, etc. And have fun!

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